Liste des articles de Fritz Leiber

1964   "The Whisperer" Re-Examined
1964   The "Whisperer" Re-Examined
1978   [article sur Clark Ashton Smith et le prince Siddartha]
1981   [critique de Danse macabre de Stephen King]
1949   [critiques de livres dans The Chicago Tribune]
1984   [entretien avec Chris Henderson dans Starlog]
1989   [entretien avec Eric M. Heideman, Rodger Gerberding & Terry A. Garey dans Tales of the Unanticipated]
1978   [entretien avec Jim Purviance dans Algol]
1978   [entretien avec Paul Walker dans Speaking of science fiction]
1972   [entretien avec Paul Walker dans The Alien Critic]
1990   [entretien in Starlog]
1983   [entretien/Profil de Charles Platt]
1979   [lettre in Foundation]
1978   [Lettre in Science Fiction Review n° 24 (1978)
1981   [Lettre in Science Fiction Review n° 41 (1981)
1950   [texte]
1972   A Few Short Comments on the Writings of HPL
1944   A Literary Copernicus
1973   About Gather, Darkness! and Conjure wife
1969   After Such Knowledge
1978   Afterword to 'Riding the Torch' by Norman Spinrad
1948   Airplanes Get Smarter
1967   All about the Change War
1967   The Anima Archetype in Science Fiction
1973   Appreciation of J.R.R. Tolkien
1967   Après-propos à "En poussant les osselets"
1950   Atom Dust Weapon: Worst Yet
1954   Atomic Detective Story
1989   Author's Foreword
????   Author's Foreword [Swords Against Death]
1977   Author's Foreword [Swords and Deviltry]
1977   Author's Foreword [Swords in the Mist]
1984   Author's Introduction [The Ghost Light]
1948   Automobiles as Fast as Airplanes?
1951   Better Electric World Coming
1965   Books
????   Brief Author's Foreword
1946   Can Private Planes Be Built for Less
1949   Cette néfaste habitude de manger
1968   Comment on 'Myths my Great -Grandaughter Taught Me'
1966   Controlled Anachronism
1952   Creation Lasted One Hour
1949   Debunking the I Machine
1949   Debunking the I-Machine
????   Debunking the Myth
1963   Don't Be Ashamed of Your Daydreams
1979   Enzenbacker's Eight Norse Gods
1975   Fafhrd & Me
1976   Fafhrd & the Mouser say their say
1968   Fantasy Books
1975   Fantasy Books: From Asgard to Elfland
1975   Fantasy Books: The Cthulhu Mythos: Wondrous and Terrible
9999   The Fantasy Novel: Speculative Fiction
1971   Fantasy: Many Mansions and Hovels
2010   Final Commentary
1976   Foreword
1976   Foreword [The Mind Spider and Other Stories]
1975   Foreword [The Second Book of Fritz Leiber]
1979   Fritz Leiber Revisited: From Hyde Park to Geary Street
1951   Galaxies en collision
1951   Galaxies in Collision
1989   Generational Saga
????   Glossaire
1965   Homes for Men in the Stars
1982   Horror Hits a High
1952   Hottest and Coldest Molecules
1963   How to Live with Machines
1984   Howard's Fantasy
1954   Icon of the Imagination
1951   If Our Senses were Really Acute
1974   Ingmar Bergman: Fantasy Novelist
1968   Introduction [A Glass of Stars]
1978   Introduction [Bazaar of the Bizarre]
1980   Introduction [Ervool]
1992   Introduction [Gummitch and Friends]
1983   Introduction [In the beginning]
1971   Introduction to "The Winter Flies"
1975   Introduction to Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
1963   Jack London et le fantastique révolutionnaire
1959   John Carter: Sword of Theosophy
1934   King Lear
1972   Lankhmar and Lands Around
????   Leiber le vagabond
1945   Leiber On Onderdonk
????   Leiber, auteur fantastique
2010   Let's Pursue Happiness
1975   Lettre écrite le 24 mai 1975
1976   Lovecraft in My Life
1963   Lovecraft: A Symposium
1962   Man Looks at Himself
1968   Masters of Mace and Magic
1975   The Mighty Tides
1945   Millions of Planets Like the Earth?
1975   Minstrel of Lankhmar
????   Mise au point (Épées et sorciers)
1977   Mon métier : Science-Fiction et îles mystérieuses
1975   Monsters and Monster Lovers
1982   Moons & Stars
1983   Moons & Stars & Stuff
1962   Mutterings from Underground
1958   My Correspondence with Lovecraft
1990   My Life and Writings
1948   Mystery of the Missing Elements
1954   Navy Fliers Aim High
1986   Nécrologie de Harry Otto Fischer
1952   New Tricks with Strange Metals
1984   Not Much Disorder and Not So Early Sex: An Autobiographical Essay
1980   Not Quite Fantasy Books
????   Notes sur le fantastique leiberien
1965   On Art, Verse and BEMs: Three Panel Discussions
1980   On Fantasy
1984   On Fantasy: A Living from Writing? Sober on the Coast
1984   On Fantasy: Business, Bereavement, Flight
1983   On Fantasy: How I Grew Up to Write Horror Stories
1982   On Fantasy: Lost Fantasies
1983   On Fantasy: Midlife Crossroads
1982   On Fantasy: Naming the Moons: Part I
1983   On Fantasy: Naming the Moons: Part II
1983   On Fantasy: New Purposes and the Cinvention; Alcohol and the Writer
1983   On Fantasy: Pearl Harbor Vampire: How I Came to Write Science Fiction
1984   On Fantasy: San Francisco: New Beginnings
1982   On Fantasy: Sex and the Fantasist
1982   On Fantasy: Sex and the Fantasist: III
1984   On Fantasy: The Changing Face of Horror
1984   On Fantasy: Ups & Downs: Return to Alcohol
1984   Pas trop de désordre et pas de sexe prématuré
1952   Peril at Sound's Speed
2010   Practice Writing
????   Préface : Fafhrd et le Souricier Gris
1977   The Profession of SF : Mysterious Islands
????   Quelques motifs d'une toile de maître. Images de l'araignée et du serpent chez Fritz Leiber
1973   Recette (in Cooking out of this world)
1969   Réponse à un questionnaire (dans The double Bill symposium)
1951   Révélation des secrets atomiques
1961   Robert E. Howard's Style
1981   Rooftop Astronomy or A Writer's Dark Side
1982   SFI a Wizard-in-Residence
1951   Should Population be Controlled? Yes (avec Arthur J. Burks & Fletcher Pratt)
1954   Snaring the Human Mind
1945   Some Random Thoughts About Lovecraft's Writings
1960   Stars in Our Neighbourhood
2016   Story-telling, Wonder-questing, Mortal Me: The Transformation of The Pale Brown Thing in Our Lady of Darkness
1963   Table ronde : une rencontre sur Lovecraft, avec Fritz Leiber, Robert Bloch, Sam Russel, Arthur J. Cox et Leland Shapiro
1949   That Dangerous Habit - Eating
1980   The Change War Series
1963   The Christmas Syndrome
1975   The Cthulhu Mythos: Wondrous and Terrible
1968   The Future in Books
1976   The Future in Books (titre à confirmer)
1963   The Jet Propelled
1975   The Literature of Cosmic Dread
1960   The Mouser on Games
1974   The Sails of Fancy
1976   The Stage in My Stories
1965   The Wanderer - How and Why
2016   Thibaut de Castriers, Revenant
1988   Things I Thought in 1970 I'd Never Live to See
1975   Those Wild Alien Words: II.
1974   Those Wild Alien,Words: I
1963   Through Hyperspace With Brown Jenkin
1977   Time and Nth Dimensions
1966   Titivated Romance
2010   To Jonquil
1954   Tomorrow's Electronic Messages
1960   Topsy-Turvy World of the Knight
1947   Topsy-Turvyland Inside the Atom
1979   Travails of the Fantasy Novel: A Project Unborn
1988   Trialogue: Two Worlds of Fantasy (avec Marion Zimmer Bradley & Walter Breen)
1947   Trick Arithmetic That Pays
1951   US Reveals Atom Secrets
1970   Utopias for Poets and Witches
1963   Way-Out Science
1977   Weird Tales: Love at a Distance
1960   Weird World of the Knight
1961   What Makes the Mighty Tides / The Mighty Tides
1979   When Screwballs Meet
1976   Wonder and Terror
1944   The Works of H. P. Lovecraft: Suggestions for a Critical Appraisal
1945   World Flights for All of Us
1946   Your Personality in Numbers

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